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AUTHOR: Dr. Paul Rieselman, DC, FNP-BC

TECHNICAL WRITER: Christian Edwards C.S.N.C, S.N.S


Your liver also plays a primary role in the foundation of albumin. Albumin transports hormones, fatty acids, and other drugs, or supplementation you are currently taking. Without a healthy liver, your body is unable to fire on all cylinders, this is comparable to driving a car that has a gas tank filled with water, and an engine with no oil. 

The greatest aspect of your liver is that this crucial remarkable organ is capable of regenerating itself. Every time your body filters alcohol, drugs, hormones, or other exogenous negative ailments, liver cells die. Now we say your liver is resilient, however with years of abuse, misuse, addiction, and consistent daily damage, your liver loses it's ability to self-heal, and regenerate.

Being proactive is always better than being reactive, and with that being said we will cover some supplementation basics that help, and aid your liver health. Supplementation, and clinical research trials, and studies have become more closely looked at in regards to improving overall health. Holistic, and herbal medicine has been used, and utilized for centuries amongst many tribes, and ancient cultures & civilizations. Due to the available technology, and ability to conduct accurate research we are now more than ever able to cover, and uncover the myths, and extreme benefits of holistic, and herbal approaches towards negative ailments to our overall wellbeing. 

Supplementation for the Liver

Milk Thistle

  • Is also known as Silybum Marianum, and Milymarin.
  • Acts as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and has been known to be utilized in traditional medicines for poisonous bites due to it's anti-oxidative properties. 
  • Has been utilized in traditional medicines when poison is induced by mushrooms, bug, and snake bites, and other negative induced free radicals. 
  • Some studies find that Milk Thistle has also helped reduce inflammation in the liver that is caused by digestion of toxins, and alcoholism. 

NAC - N-Acetyl Cysteine

  • Precursor of L-Cysteine
  • Assists with increasing glutathione
  • Free Radical Scavenger
  • Powerful anti-oxidative properties
  • Stimulates glutathione biosynthesis 
  • Assists with powerful detoxification properties, that assists in scavenging negative ailments & free radicals. 

Tudca - Ursodoxicoltaurine 

  • Natural derivative that occurs naturally in the body. 
  • Helps treat spasms, vision problems, and assists in detoxification in the liver. 
  • Assists in regulation of the bodies metabolism
  • Excretion of cholesterol
  • Contains a similar structure to the miraculous taurine.
  • Aids in both liver & kidney health, and function. 
  • Assists with focus, acts similar to Magnesium L - Threonate crossing the blood - brain barrier.
  • Studies show a positive result in blood glucose regulation & insulin sensitivity. 

 Chicory Seed (Cichorium Intybus) 10:1

  • Utilized in traditional Uighur medicine 
  • Has been used to aid in digestion
  • Used as a natural diuretic 
  • Anti - Hepatotoxic 
  • Studies show an antioxidative effect on LDL

Caper Bush Root (Capparis Spinosa 10:1) 

  • Studies show strong antioxidant, and hepatoprotective effects.
  • Widely used for nutritional, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical purposes.
  • Studies shown to assist in treating alcoholic liver disease, cirrhosis, and viral hepatitis.

Yarrow Aerial Parts (Achillea Millefolium 10:1) 

  • Traditional European medicine 
  • Utilized in tea's to assist in aiding fevers by stimulating perspiration.
  • Studies shown to assist and aid in acne issue (utilized in skincare products). 
  • Packed with vitamins A & C
  • Contains iron, potassium, and magnesium. 
  • Largely used in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Studies shown to aid in brain disorders, such as Alzheimers, Parkinson's, and inflammation in the spinal cord caused by viral infectious negative ailments. 
  • Studies shown to aid in inflammation in the liver. 
  • Shown to assist with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. 


  • Tamarix is a shrub that is usually extracted in the arid, and or semiarid desert areas, and saline-alkali fields
  • Tamarix is a traditional chinese root, that is shown to contain powerful properties with hepatoprotective, antioxidative,antibacterial, and antitumor activities.
  • Studies show this powerful inhibitor is favored within many traditions, but is known very little to the bodybuilding community due to the difficulty of extraction, and rareness of this shrub geographically wise. 


  • Is a Ayurvedic plant in which is utilized for in several modern, and traditionally related medical purposes
  • The properties of this weed have been shown to assist with antibacterial issues, antifungal, antidiabetic, inflammation, anti-cancerous,  antimutagenic, and hepatoprotective activity (being the liver). 

One powerful product that contains these ingredients all in-one is LIVER PILL by Dynamic Evolution. This product is best taken 2 capsules AM, and 2 capsules PM. Upping your water intake assists with the functionality of this product, and overall assists with improving filtration of your liver health. 


Organ health should always be a top priority, being proactive is always better than being reactive. We are born with one set of organs, so maintaining, and being proactive about your liver health should always be a top priority. Reactive situations are sometimes too late, put your health, and wellbeing first. Having bloodwork done regulary is always a must to see what's going on inside, and out. Having full metabolic panels done regularly with your primary care physician is one great way to have a basic measure of where you are standing wellbeing wise. Stay innovative, move well, and be well.

Christian Edwards C.S.N.C, S.N.S

 © 2022 T. Christian Edwards All Rights Reserved

© 2022 All Rights Reserved

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