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Agmatine Sulfate Benefits in Review

We’re not going to spend a lot of time on the benefits but it’s definitely important enough to be mentioned again.  Pain reduction, stress reduction, and improved cognitive help are all the benefits we’ve listed from agmatine sulfate supplementation [2].  Used in modern medicine around the world to treat ADD, lower doses of agmatine sulfate are now approved for children!  Forgetting the mental disorder aspect, agmatine sulfate was found to reduce inflammation and joint pain in professional athletes as well.

What About Agmatine Sufate in Bodybuilding?

Agmatine sulfate turns in to arginine once it’s been digested.  That’s what you really care about and are trying to obtain.  Arginine is Something We’ve Mentioned Before.  A key ingredient in Creatine, is a natural amino acid of which we produce very little of inherently.  It’s used in the complete synthesis of proteins and other nutrients, effectively putting protein synthesis in overdrive.  Think of proteins as cars on a road.  Arginine is the high-octane gasoline that makes the cars faster and more efficient.  Before you get that awesome fuel source, you need to mine it and extract it from crude oil, which in our metaphor is the agmatine sulfate.  More agmatine sulfate means more arginine, leading to improved performance derived from our other supplements, including protein.  This is the reason creatine and protein work so well together, in a nutshell.

Bodybuilders can cut out the creatine middle man by supplementing with agmatine sulfate directly.  There are a couple of other amino acids that make up creatine so we don’t suggest just removing it from your stack entirely but the creatine can be taken at different points of your day and week than the agmatine sulfate.  This isn’t going to cause a problem because if you’re using a trusted blend like Fulcrum, there is no reason to run out and get some agmatine sulfate pills or powder.  You’re already getting the benefits of agmatine sulfate just by enjoying the Fulcrum and you can still take your creatine supplements separately like the professional bodybuilders do.

An underrated and lesser known reason to supplement with extra agmatine sulfate?  The enzyme that breaks down nitric oxide, allowing your NO supplementation to go into beast mode.  A lot of what body builders do includes leveraging science to improve their performance.  You take protein to influence muscle regeneration.  You take creatine to improve the protein effects.  You take nitric oxide to improve the creatine effects.  Your body uses arginine to compound and improve the effects of nitric oxide boosters [3].  To get the arginine, you supplement with agmatine sulfate.  This is just one example of build building stacking, there are dozens more that we likely will talk about in the future of this blog!


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