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If you're looking for an all natural sleep product that doesn't have you waking up groggy, or make you feel anxious through the night (melatonin), look no further. Dynamic Evolution's Zylaria was created for those who are unable to shut off their brains at night. There is nothing worst than a wandering mind robbing you of your sleep. Dynamic Evolution's Zylaria (xylaria) does this by increasing the uptake of GABA to the brain, therefor slowing downs your CNS (central nervous system). 

ZYLARIA (Xylaria) comes from a fungi that is contains HIGH amounts of GABA, therefor making ZYLARIA an all natural product that is derived from nature. 

Adrenal Support - Zylaria also assists with your bodies adrenal health which is proceeded by a restful nights sleep. When your adrenal system is healthy and untaxed, your body releases less cortisol (the stress hormone), therefor leading to:

  • Improved daily mood
  • Improved wellbeing
  • Lowered cortisol levels 
  • Helps drop bodyfat 
  • Helps eliminate daily brain fog
  • Helps reduce stress & anxiety