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Dynamic Evolution introduces it's newest product drop Liver Pill, the best step you can take in next level liver health. If you are experiencing elevated liver enzymes from pro hormone usage, anabolic steroid usage, or overall just want to be proactive on your liver health, this product is just what you are looking for.  

If you are feeling lethargic through the day, experiencing abdominal pain, dark urine, fatigue, itching, jaundice, lightly colored stools, loss of appetite, nausea, and or vomiting, your liver health may be in need of attention. These are all side effects of elevated liver enzymes, and poor liver health, lucky enough for you, Dynamic Evolution's Liver Pill, is fully loaded unlike your other under dosed liver products out on the market, also Liver Pill contains ingredients that other liver products have never thought of including! This breakthrough innovating liver health product is key for bodybuilders, ex heavy drinkers, and all around those who are proactive about their internal organ health. 


MILK THISTLE 1,000MG: Used as a treatment for alcohol induced hepatitis, and cirrhosis, studies over the years has shown that milk thistle decreases liver enzymatic activity, and increases overall liver function, while all in all increasing the overall survival rate of those with chronic liver disabilities, negative ailments,  and or issues. 

NAC 800MG: Also know as N-acetyl cysteine, has been studied and reported upon in significantly reducing acetaminophen - induced liver failure. Directly reducing the mortality rating in severe cases of chronic liver diseases, and health issues. NAC assists with decreasing the side effects of drugs, that directly impact your liver, so taking NAC alongside with anabolic, pro hormones, and or even OTC medication / under the counter medication, plays a vital role in shielding, and aiding your liver from negative, and unwanted side effects.  

TUDCA 500MG: Tudca has been known for aiding, healing, and recovering your liver health from harsh steroid cycles, or from periodic abuse over the years, rather is be alcoholism, substance abuse, or overall hereditary, and genetic. Randomized studies has shown Tudca improves liver function in patients with liver cirrhosis, HCV related chronic hepatitis, and a condition in which the bile fails to flow from the liver to the duodenum. Tudca has been shown to reverse fatty liver disease in randomized studies. Tudca is also a great addition for Kidney health, and rejuvenation, Tudca helps protect against the development of glomerular, and proximal tubular damage. Decreasing renal cell death, and inflammation in the renal cortex. 

CAPER BUSH ROOT (CAPPARIS SPINOSA 10:1 65MG: Caper Bush Root has beeen shown to reduce liver damage in controlled studies. While conducting these studies, it has been shown that Caper Bush Root has assisted in preventing liver cell death from various toxins. Ayurvedic medicine in tradition, were used to promote healthy liver function, both archaeological evidence, and modern research both support the Caper Bush;s Root in supporting liver function. 

YARROW AERIAL PARTS (ACHILLEA MELLEFOLIUM 10:1 15MG: YAP assists with gaining back your appetite after the lost due to fatty liver issues, disorders, and elevated liver enzymes. This extract has also been utilized for centuries to help cure the common fever, absence of menstruation, diarrhea, (GI) discomfort, and even relieving toothache relief. 

TAMARIX CHINENSIS 10:1 15MG: Tamarix is a shrub that is usually extracted in the arid, and or semiarid desert areas, and saline-alkali fields. Tamarix is a traditional chinese root, that contains powerful properties with hepatoprotective, antioxidative, antibacterial, and antitumor activities. This powerful inhibitor is favored within many traditions, but is known very little to the bodybuilding community due to the difficulty of extraction, and rareness of this shrub geographically wise. 

CASSIA OCCIDENTALIS 10:1: Is a Ayurvedic plant in which is utilized for in several modern, and traditionally related medical purposes. The properties of this weed assist with antibacterial issues, antifungal, antidiabetic, inflammation, anti-cancerous,  antimutagenic, and hepatoprotective activity (being the liver). 

This fully loaded innovated liver product is the best liver supplement you can get on the market. Most liver products come under dosed, only contain one-or two ingredients (that are only popular through google search) so these companies can increase their SEO ratings, but here at we only supply and offer the best, of the best. 

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